Helpful Holiday Packing Tips

Holiday’s are a time to relax and let go of all your troubles. So why is then that we get so stressed out in the lead up to them trying to make sure we have packed everything? Then, when we get there we barely use anything we crammed in the last min! All this rushing leaves no room for souvenirs and bottles of the local tipple to take home. 

We can't stop panic packing but we can offer a few ideas about what we think definitely should make the cut. 

(This list is just for funs so please remember - passport, medication, insurance and anything else to keep you safe!)

  1. A cover up - If you go too hard in the sun on the first day your gonna need one! We use our colourful cotton shirts. They are perfect thrown over a bikini and if you are travelling as a couple this means you can share! More space in the suitcase! 
  2. Headphones - Having you headphones in is the international non-verbal sign for ‘Do Not Disturb’. Put on your perfect playlist and just let go! Or if your anything like us you might sneakily turn the volume down to earwig on the bickering couple on the lounger next to you! 
  3. Transition clothes - Packing light is the best way to stay stress free. Choose clothes that can be dressed up or down, for day time wanders of the streets or night time going for dinner and drinks. Try a cute crop, shorts and sandals for the day and lots of big, statement jewellery for the evening. 
  4. A good book - that you are going to pull out for five mins before chucking it back in the bag and ordering another drink! 
  5. Harem pants - Now that restrictions have eased we can start backpacking again! We consider ourselves seasoned travellers and trust us when we say there is reason backpackers love harem pants. They keep you cool, are always comfy but also add little extra warmth when the temp drops to a chilly 25C.
  6. Sunglasses, sun screen and a classic bucket hat! - Protection, protection, protection. 

We hope that you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays no matter where you're heading to! 


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