Essential Festival Items to Pack This Summer!

Over the years here at Ashanti Empress we have learned a thing or two about festival packing (sometimes the hard way) and we want to pass on our wisdom, in the hope of making your summer the best one yet! 
Whether you are a seasoned festival goer, been dancing in fields since you were knee high or it's your first time in a tent - there are certain items that you should not leave home without! We've put together a list of festival must haves along with some tips for having sustainable festival fun! 
So here's our list of things that absolutely must go in the festival bag! 


1. Bumbag - Pockets are an absolute no-no and backpacks cover half your outfit. Bumbags are brilliant, they sit perfectly, carry everything you need, looks great and free your hands up for cutting shapes on the dance floor. 

2. Sunglasses - A classic summer essential but at a festival get a little bit wild with it, play with shapes, colours, straps and sizes. Watching the sunset over your favourite band whilst everything is tinted pink gives us a warm fuzzy feelings. 

3. Waterproof shoes - There is always that one friend who only brought trainers for the whole weekend. Don't let that be you. If you think that you will never wear them again then shop second hand or if you buy new and don't want to them after you can donate them to someone else. Let stop the 'wear it once' festival culture. 

4. Reusable water bottle - Hydration is key! You will probably be walking around for hours in the sun, drinking and dancing. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Most festival have lots of refill stations so be drastic on the that plastic! If you don't already have one try and find one that supports a charity like Frank Water!

5. Hats and Caps - We could make a separate list for why these are awesome! Instant sun protection, head cooling, if you have one thats big and bright you are easy for your mates to spot in a crowd, eye protection if you lost your aforementioned sunnies and lets face it, by day 3 or 4 your probably looking a bit ropey! 

6. Tissues - Bring a roll from home you won't regret it. Then make sure you always have a little stash in your bag or pocket. There is nothing worse than being miles from your tent, getting caught short only to find out your chosen loo has run out of TP. 

7. The Wow Factor! - You are entering a new world where all the normal societal constraints about how we dress and express ourselves are left at the gate. Let you creative spirit fly. Put on some sparkly pants, cover yourself head to toe in bio degradable glitter and drape yourself in a colourful gold lined cape honey! 



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