Ashanti Empress works with a number of micro enterprises and highly skilled people in Ghana to make outrageously colourful African print clothing especially for you! These are the amazing people who make up Ashanti Empress - Find out who made your clothes...

Ruby Maya

Ruby designs all Ashanti Empress clothing, hand selects the prints and works in collaboration with Ghanaian craftspeople to make the Ashanti dreams a reality! She founded Ashanti Empress after falling in love with Ghana and being inspired by the beautiful coloured West African fabrics.


Priscilla has been involved in Ashanti Empress since the beginning as the Ghanaian manager. She is the main point of contact between the tailors and Ruby in the UK. As a single mother, working with Ashanti Empress has enabled her financially to support her young daughter Amarissa and the flexible work structure means that she has been able to continue her work as a teacher.


Eric has been tailoring for 5 years and started out in a rented wooden shack container shop, teaching his cousin Prince how to sew. After 2 years of working with Ashanti Empress Eric and Prince have bought their own shop where they are always busy making our shorts, shirts and Jokoto Jokers.


Boatemaa is a joker and many hours have been spent laughing in her shop as she creates all kinds of colourful goodies! She always knew she wanted to do a practical job and taught herself to sew. She has been a seamstress for 9 years and runs her own shop in Kromuase. The bulk orders from Ashanti Empress this year have helped Boatemaa to pay off a large electricity bill so she and her family finally have light again in their house after 1 year of darkness!

Yaw & Mama Ester

Yaw is the King of Patchwork! Alongside his wife Ester he collects scraps of waste fabric from tailors and then sews the pieces together to create amazing patchwork material. He works from the porch of his house with a hand-powered sewing machine as tragically he lost his leg in a car accident. This year Yaw has sewn over 1000 yards of patchwork for Ashanti Empress!


Linda has been a seamstress for 10 years and is very passionate about her trade. She has been working with Ashanti Empress since the beginning and the regular income has enabled Linda to expand her business over the last 2 years, buying her own container shop and an industrial sewing machine. She has also been using the money she earns to assist her husband in building their own house for their family of three children.

Francis Opoku

Francis is the main man when it comes to Ashanti Empress shirts! He has been working with Ashanti Empress for 2 years and hopes to continue in the future. He uses the regular income he receives from Ashanti Empress to pay the school fees of his 5 children and also put his eldest son through higher education.


Sophia is in her second year working with Ashanti Empress and has been doing an amazing job! She has been a seamstress for 10 years and now has 3 apprentice, Gladys, Mary and Awere in her roadside shop. She has a one year old daughter Efia who she brings to work with her which is very common practice in Ghana. They make the Ashanti Empress trousers and some womenswear.

Francis Owosu

Francis is a friend of Boatemaa and works in a village nearby. He has been a tailor for 10 years now and has a small shop. He is disabled and has difficulty walking so he relies solely on tailoring to support his family. He makes all of the Ashanti tracksuit trousers.


Kweku is the man behind the Ashanti caps. He is from the sleepy seaside town of Cape Coast and works in business with his mother Sabina, sister Gloria and brother Albert. Sabina has taught her children well and they are all great creators of the Ashanti accessories.

Yaw Okyere

Yaw and his wife Joyce run a small tailoring shop in Edwenase. They have two lovely children, Rebecca and Jacob who always hang around after school to help their parents. With the help of two apprentice they create shirts, trousers and shorts for Ashanti Empress.


Adama is a traveller from Mali and he is the designer and creator of the majority of Ashanti Empress beaded jewellery. He uses beads that he has collected throughout his travels in West Africa to make beautiful and original statement jewellery.