Who Made Your Clothes? 8 Things You Might Not Know About Ashanti Empress

We have always wanted Ashanti Empress to be about more than just colourful clothes. Social responsibility is at the heart of our business and we love how direct the link is between our makers and customers! We know exactly who makes each item of our clothing and we want you to know too!

Since it's Fashion Revolution Week, we wanted to share a bit more about the 7 small tailoring shops that we work with in Kumasi and the work that our brand does.

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

Fashion Revolution week was started to commemorate the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, where over 1,000 garment factory workers were killed in a factory collapse in Bangladesh.
It's a time when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry. Every Fashion Revolution week we ask the question, Who Made my Clothes?!
We love to share the stories of the people behind Ashanti Empress and the work that we do in Kumasi, Ghana where all your colourful garments are made.
Behind the Brand Ashanti Empress
Some of the team working on our 2021 Collection

8 Things You Might Not Know About Ashanti Empress

We create sustainable, reliable and well paid economic opportunities for the tailors we work with in Ghana. Ashanti Empress brings large contracts every year which have enabled the people we work with to save money and invest it into their own businesses.

• Since working with Ashanti Empress 3 of the 6 Master tailors we work with have bought a plot of land and started to build a family house for themselves.
 • 2 tailors have invested in moving from renting to ownership of their tailoring workshop.
 • All of the tailor's children are attending school regularly.
• Tailors are paid per piece at a rate that they set themselves. 
 • All of the tailor's apprentice who are learning the trade and assist with making any Ashanti Empress clothing are paid a bonus per piece which is paid directly to them.
 • 2 of our tailoring team are disabled - it's hard to find well paid reliable work if you are disabled in Ghana, as there is no support from the Government.
• We currently sponsor 10 children in the Kumasi area to attend school through our scholarship programme.
Fashion Revolution Ghana

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